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  • Easy Uninstaller: I love how it can delete its self and how its fast easy and quick LOVE IT
  • Discount Calculator: Hi I love this fast calculating. Just what I have been looking for. Thanks a bunch for your technology!:) Debbie
  • Advanced Task Manager: This app is way better than the rest of the task managers out there !
  • History Eraser: Awesome just what I needed!!! Thank-you so much keep up thegood work!!
  • Tip Calculator: Its add free ..what more would you want from a tip calculator...this is a must have when you go out to eat at a restaurant ...

Advanced Task Manager

Best task kill and manage tool for android device.

Easy Uninstaller

Easy and fastest uninstall tool, batch uninstall supported.

History Eraser

History Eraser can helps you to eraser any history if you want.

Discount Calculator

Best Discount Calculator with AD free!

iTag - Music Tag Editor

The best music tag editor on your android device.